BASIC comparison sheet updated again


A some may have noticed I've removed the OT tag from the title. The sheet now contains enough information about the HP-71B and HP-75 to consider it on topic for this community. :)

Read more:

I don't have an HP-75 so some of my information may be incorrect or incomplete. I'd be glad to correct any mistakes that you find. The same is obviously true for any information in the sheet.



I've updated the sheet again. Now, it contains the Epson HX-80 and the Tandy Model 100. MS BASIC is not made for mathematicians or engineers: most functions on the Epson are single precision (the Tandy uses double precision as default!), trigs are RADIAN only, PI as a constant is missing, and even such functions as ASN or ACS are not implemented. The HP, TI, Sharp or Casio BASIC machines are much better calculators (and worse typewriters.)

HP-200LX owners could be tempted to run GW-BASIC on their machines. Numeric precision is as poor as on the Epson. :-( I'll include GW-BASIC in a later release of my document.

A question to HP-75 owners: Could you please check whether my findings are correct? They're all based on the manual because I don't own such a beast. What would have to corrected for a system with an additional HP-IL ROM?

Edited: 8 Feb 2009, 10:10 a.m.

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