Casio FX-9860G Slim available again...


[ Excuse the non-HP message, but I know there are some interested parties who were tracking this calc. ]

There was a lot of discussion here a couple of months back about the awesomely powerful Casio FX-9860G, "Slim" version. Katie W. found an awesome deal on it at and they sold out fast. I just got informed that they are back in stock, and still at the $54.95 price, which is a STEAL. I also found a 10% coupon that you can use with that, bringing it down to $49.95.

If you want one, I'd suggest you order soon. Here's the link:

Casio FX-9860G Slim version

For the coupon code, use "DEALTAKER" when you go to checkout. Enjoy!



Thanks for watching the market :)

Very nice features, but they want me to pay 43US$ at least for shipping :( Sorry, I'm not willing to pay that much for getting this to Europe. Will wait for the next international travel.


If you're in Europe, have a look at (in the UK, obviously!). They've got it in stock for £44.95. I don't know what delivery will cost (it depends where you are in Europe, I expect) but it would probably work out cheaper than delivery from the US.

Visiting the site gives me an "expired certificate" warning. If you'd rather not use their site because of this, their email address is .

In case you are wondering I have no connections with this company, although I have dealt with them before with no problems.


Thanks for the link. The real price the customer has to pay would be 68,94 Pounds incl. tax and shipping.

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