HP-97 Card Reader NOT gummy wheel problem


HP-97 card reader feeds cards OK, writes OK, but cannot read cards. HP displays "Error" each time I feed a card through.
I changed gummy wheel to new O-rings from Mark Hoskins, cleaned the head and still no luck.
Has anyone experienced a similar problem? What else can I check?


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Hi there, check out this link:

card reader assymetric axle

Since you replaced the o rings you had to remove the white pinch roller axle. There are two physical possibilities;

the o-rings are not the same Outer Diameter (OD) 

the o-rings have the correct OD but the axle was not installed
in the same position as it was removed from.

The axle is assymetric which when turned in position will raise or lower the pinch roller thus raising or lowering the magnetic strip away from or towards the reader head. I have seen this incorrect height of the pinch roller to cause Read errors but not write errors.

Cheers, Geoff

This assumes the electronics are not a fault as in this case:

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Problem was not in the capacitors and not in the roller, but in the damaged cable which connect the card reader board and the main board.

I replace it to self made cable (from IDE cable) and it work well - write and read.

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