Just ordered a 50G...now what?


When I got my (Blue) 49G there were about 10 things that it seemed power-users liked to change right away, so I changed those right away so I could learn to be a power user. Now I'm wondering what need to happen to a new 50G.

The first thing that will happen out of the box is RPN will be turned on. What other settings/flags are popular to adjust? Do I need to adjust the keytime?

Can I just transfer my programs and things straight over from my 49G? WIll they 'just work' on the ARM processor?


  1. Hang out here (too): http://groups.google.com/group/comp.sys.hp48/topics. There are more 50g users.
  2. Get an SD card. 2GB or less.
  3. Since you have a Mac get HPConnect to transfer programs and data (or you can just do SD card shuttle transfers): http://hpconnect.sourceforge.net/.
  4. Get a 50g emulator for your Mac so that when you leave your 50g at home you are not stranded: http://x49gp.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/x49gp/README.QUICKSTART.
  5. Create a STARTUP script with << 256 ->KEYTIME 256 ATTACH 257 ATTACH >>. This will fix keyboard issues and will give you access to some developer libraries. You may want to dump your flags in there as well.
  6. Search comp.sys.hp48 for a good backup script that will get all programs and settings. Or write your own.
  7. RTFM on how to adjust contrast.
  8. Get the PDF of the 50g manual and the 49g+/50G AUR.
  9. Shop for programs here: http://www.hpcalc.org.
  10. Become a C programmer (HPGCC 2 and 3).


Where do you place a startup script?


Create a program call 'STARTUP' in your HOME directory on your 50g, then warm start (ON-C) your 50g.


3. Since you have a Mac...

How can you tell that he has a Mac? Is it his name... McLean?


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How can you tell that he has a Mac? Is it his name... McLean?

From a previous thread or private email exchange (I forget).

For a more 48-like experience, I also turn on approx mode and soft menus. Choose mini-font also looks better to me. I've never needed to change keytime.

I assign PURGE to a user key, as well as assign all the hyperbolic functions to user keys.

And I can't live without Bill Markwick's brilliant hlp49 on hpcalc.org, which I also assign to a user key.

Have fun with your new toy.


soft menus, mini font

I completely forgot to mention soft menus and mini font. That is a must. Put -117 SF -90 SF in your STARTUP.


Ok, sounds basically like 49G stuff all over again -- no surprises there ;-)

Whilst I was just looking through the 49G flags I remembered another important one -- turn the BEEPs *OFF* (Maybe less-required for those of you not in academia, nothing more annoying than a beeping, clicking calculator)

Too bad there's not just a Migration Assistant for Calculators...kind of like the one that comes with a new...Mac.


Alright, it's here, I'm excited. This is one of those threads where it looks like I'm going to ramble on to myself ;-)

1 - I ordered from newegg. I LOVE NewEgg. It came quick and...

2 - It came in a bonus pack with a 1 Gb SD card. Score!

Got my flags set. The UI is /so much faster/...so much to do...

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