The Oldest Hewlett-Packard IC,s never die. (Two)


I would like to teach what I did when I was young.... The Lockheed F-104 Starfighter was the second of four I made more than 30 years ago with defective and scrap HPchips. This aircraft model I made with IC,s of the Clasic and Woodstock pocked calculator series. This model has a modified HP-67 card reader mechanism built-in that moves up and down the landing gear, pilots' cabin and the engine light and four intermitent tricolor leds, powered by 6 V. Note: you can see all IC,s remain unchanged over time, without any degradation or corrosion. Thanks for looking ...soon the following model: McDonnell Douglas F4 Phamtom.


Rats! Now we know where all these parts went d;-)

Seriously, very nice pictures!


Hi Walker.
All of these integrated circuits are defective from repairs. Many years ago, all defective from repair IC,s hundreds, perhaps thousands were pulled in the trash. A day I thought ¿Why not do something useful and beautiful with this IC,s?. Then I started to collect them, unfortunately, came early next generation (HP 41C) and that was the end.
I think this will be a reminder of the most beautiful and revolutionary generation from Hewlett Packard IC,s which would have been lost.
Greetings and thanks for listening.


I love it! This is HP calculator art at its best (and perhaps only).

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Did you also get the resistors from old circuit boards, or just the IC's? Anyway, I think this is brilliant!


Hi Katie:
Hi Michael:
All pieces are genuine Hewlett Packard, including the mechanism for raising and lowering the landing gear (HP-67 card reader) which is located on the inside and you can not see. Of course the intermittent tricolor LEDs set are new from another manufacturer.


How many calculators were destroyed for us to make those aberrations?
I don't believe that all the components were with defects mainly components HP.
It is with pride that certain collectors show rare components for the community others show an infantile vision of transforming those components in toys.
Those components would have to have a worthier end. :-(

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