Mathematical problem


Mathematical problem

I’m asking for a 10 digit number.

The first digit is dividable by 1
The number made by the first and the second digit is dividable by 2.
The number made by the first to the third digit is dividable by 3.
The number made by the first to the fourth digit is dividable by 4.

The number made by the first to the tenth digit is dividable by 10.



on the top of my head, 120450483 might fit the bill (the first few are easy, had to check with i41 for the last digit and 7th). I assumed you meant 'divisible without remainder'. One added challenge could be to require that each digit is only used once, for which i would need a calc and time...




Sorry each digit is allowed only once! ;)



1020005640 is the first of many, unless I did not understand the question. Does "made by" mean just the sequence of the numbers? Or, the sum of them? Are duplicate numbers allowed? E.g. I used 0 a lot. In my answer 1 divides 1, 2 divides 10, 3 divides 102, etc...


Given the recent post of only each number once then I'd have to say 3816547290. Assuming that made is a sequence of number and not the sum.

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Been there, done that ...

Short & Sweet Math Challenge #9: Divisibility !

Regards from V.


Welcome back.


Thanks, Egan, but it won't last ! ... :-)

Best regards from V.


hmm, why? I secretely was looking forward to comments and insight from you on eg Egans little challenge... It was sad to see the ssmc go due to your time co straints, but why go completely silent?




Hi, Peter:

Thanks for your interest, much appreciated, but it's just a matter of available free time and priorities, nothing else.

My free time is as scarce as always, if not more, and after some disheartening events last year all HP calc-related matters went sufficiently down in my priorities list that now I'm just not interested and thus not allocating any time to them.

This may be temporary or not but until such time,

Best regards from V.

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