N00P question - how to clear NoV64



Sorry for the simple question - my NoV64 unfortunately seems to have contracted some bad code at the polling points so when I insert it my calc goes haywire. I know how to reset the NoV32 with the special .hex file from diego but I was not able to find and equivalent one for NoV64.

I tried using the nov32 one which clears things so that I plug in the module and the calc stays fine. (including on off unplug plug in cycles) However as soon as I reprogram the module, I again have garbage problems.... Is there a clear nov64.hex file?

Thanks so much





As some other may face the same situation and despite that I've replied your private mail on the subject...

The procedure to erase NoV-64 RAM chips is by means of CLR_RAM4.HEX file.

Burn your module with this file, make sure you have fresh batteries and plug your module in.

Your calc will turn ON automatically after 25seconds.

[CLR OK ] message will let you know that your RAM is now erased. Turn OFF and reconfigure your NoV-64 as usual.




Thanks Diego, it worked just like a charm (after I had inserted fresh batteries, it really does need fresh ones!)

Thanks as always



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