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I have always hated Free42's icon. but I am using Free42 as my replacement calculator on Windows.
So over the weekend, I have decided to replace my Free42 Icon.
What do you think of this?



Bonjour Arnaud,

very nice design indeed! After all, it's the answer to all questions ...

Edit: Ummmh, one question remains: How do I get your png-file to be accepted as a "symbol" by MS Windows?

Edited: 12 Jan 2009, 4:47 p.m.


The png is just an image of the icon. I have made some icon files which are then put into the Free42 exe using a resource editor. I am using IcoFX which is an icon editor and changes the exe to the new icons.

If you want detailled instructions or the ready built exe, drop me an email.



You've got mail.


The iPhone 42S icon is also unpleasant.

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