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I am new to the forum so please let me know if this isn't appropriate and there is a more appropriate place to post this. thanks.

I have an old HP 48G that works fine except for the 'ON' button. The button click registers only once every 30-40 tries or so.. The contact for that particular button must be flaky, but everything else works fine. So I hate to just throw away the calculator when everything else works. Is there a servicing place that can replace the button? Or I could do it on my own if I can figure out exactly what to replace.. and where to get the replacement part.

thanks in advance



Hello Denizen...

Welcome to the forum. Your question is entirely appropriate.
Disassembling an HP48G is not an easy undertaking. I'm pretty sure that Randy Sloyer at FixThatCalc is capable of such a repair, and he is highly regarded by the people who frequent this forum. The only problem is that he has a considerable backlog of work, and according to his website, (http://fixthatcalc.com), is not accepting new cases until Jan 15 2009. There's a link on his site where you can contact him.

The 48G is a great machine...I hope you can get it fixed.

Best regards, Hal


For the cost of repairing a 48G, I recommend replacement over repair.

For a 48GX, I would suggest otherwise, but if you can buy a used one for less than $58 (ficthatcalc published repair fee for 48g), it would be a better option, less expensive, and faster solution.


I agree with the possibility of buying another G and then intend to repair the ON button...it is just dust under it.

there are some posts talking about how to clean it.

I had the same problem on a 48G version P.

I cleaned it and then ok!



Could you point me to the posts that shows you how to clean it? I couldn't find it by search.. I'll give that a try. thanks!

I downloaded the instructions on how to open the 48G by David Fenyes. It involves drilling holes..? looks more complicated than I thought.


I had the same problem -- it's not ideal but if one applies a very slight pressure just below the screen and above the A-F hotkeys then it may switch on (same trick to switch it off). Irritating but this problem also occurred in my HP49G -- and the solution is the same too. Must be some kind of bad contact.

Hope this helps.


yeah, that didn't work for me unfortunately.


Open an 48 is indeed not evident. I once tried with a broken one. Afterwards it was possible to close it again, but the cosmetics were horrible.

I would also suggest to buy a second one. The 48G is often available as a bargain because most people want an 48GX.

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