Different solutions for Y^X


Hi, All!

I wonder why there are different solutions for Y^X
function for the following values: 0,0 0,1 1,0 1,1
in "HP48SX" and "HP12B".

Is there a difference in mathematics of businesss
calculation and scientific!?

Best regards,


There is no real solution and several complex solutions for this function.

if i²=-1, 4^3 can also be 4^-3i², or 1/(4^3i²), which gives sevral complex answers.

No real business/financial application, but lots of physical and engeneering applications, such as electrics and electronics.


I don't have my 12 and 48 on hand, but the only case where you could get different answers should be 0^0 because it's an indeterminate expression and result depends on the calculator implementation.


You could have several answers for (a+bi)^(c+di) where i²=-1


Thanks All for your answers, the question regard only for
the real numbers (x=0,y=1,x=1,x=0 etc.)

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