HP35s one-ups the TI-84...


Even though the complex-number functionality of the 35s can be improved, I found it amusing that it has a short leg up on the TI calculators when it comes to trigonometric functions of complex numbers.

The 35s has no problem with cos(3i), while the TI84 gives "error data type" even in complex mode. You can get the same result using cosh(3) or (e^3+e^-3)/2.

I found that mildly interesting.



add the 15C, 42S, 48G, and 50G to the list of HP's that have no trouble taking the cos(3i)!



add the 15C, 42S, 48G, and 50G to the list of HP's that have no trouble taking the cos(3i)!

Like the HP-35s, the HP-32S, HP-32SII, and HP-33s can also take cos(3i) -- and cannot take cos-1(3i) or hyperbolics of (3i) -- because these functions offer the same domain for complex-valued input on each model.

The functionality was apparently based on the HP-41 Math Pac of 1980, as I've posted before.

The HP-15C, HP-42S, and all RPL-based models offer full domain for mathematical functions for which complex-valued arguments are defined. This would include the HP-28C/S and HP-49G, as well.

-- KS

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