HP-41 (limited) available for iPhone *FREE*


A limited version of the excellent i41CX calculator was posted last night to the Apple App Store for the iPhone (and iPod Touch). This version is FREE and might only be available for a limited time. This limited version is not programmable, has a limited function set and does not remember any data (volatile memory) when the app is exited. Even with these limitations, it is a great RPN calculator and allows you to evaluate the application to see if the full version will meet your needs. Did I mention it is FREE!

More info here:

Thanks Antonio!


Is there any way to access the download without having iTunes installed?

The Apple site just sends me in endless circles.

Any chance of a direct download link?



AFAIK the app has to run on the iPhone. At least officially, there are only two ways you can install the app on the device - via wireless connection to the AppStore or via iTunes. So I don't think there is a 'direct' download link. From Apple's perspective (no jailbroken phones...) there is no use for a file outside of the AppStore or iTunes...




Thanks for the reply.

I was planning to install this on my stepdaughter's iTouch, but I'm personally incompatible with Apple's business model. Guess I'll just forget about it.


Put the iTouch on a WiFi network (free). Then use the AppStore application on the iTouch (free). And download and install i41 (free). No need to use iTunes or a desktop.

NOTE: You will need an Apple/iTunes account. Use your stepdaughter's account/password.

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Thanks, Egan. I'll give it a try.


Thanks for the heads up. I gave myself a Christmas gift of an iTouch and was thinking of putting a calculator on it. I'm afraid that after seeing the free version and the full blown version, I oppted for the full version. $15 for a HP-41CX with all the great modules that I could never before afford on the real thing.




Do all the modules come with the i41CXp iTunes phone app? If not, where do you get the modules and how do you install them?


The modules don't come with it, but does come with the link address on where to download them. I just pointed to the link and it downloaded the entire set of them.



You can find out more about the i41CX+ features at:




From the FAQ link above:

C7. How do I use the "Download from URL..." feature?

To download a module into i41CX+, place the module (with a .MOD or .mod extension) on a web server that provides directory listings (i41CX+ parses the standard web page directory listing to extract the file names). Then, in i41CX+ touch one of the four module ports in the back view of the calculator and then select the "Download from URL..." item in the module picker and enter the URL for the module. Note that the module file name is optional. If a specific module file name is not specified, i41CX+ will download all module files that it finds in the directory listing.

The program downloader accessed by pressing the "Load Program" button in the back view of the calculator works in the same fashion but for user program files (with a .RAW or .raw extension).

As Bill mentions, the program does come with the link address to download the entire set. You can also write HP-41 programs using a text editor and transfer them the the i41CX+. You can even create custom overlays for the keyboard.

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