Size of Flash memory in 50g ???


I have a few days HP50g purchased. When I go to the filer, then I see that Port2 (Flash), only 766 KB free space, although nothing is stored. It is not that the flash Sreicher 1 MB must show? Or am I mistaken?
Greetings Klaus


On my 50g, there are a couple libraries on port 2:FLASH for the Equation Library. These came pre-installed. Remaining memory on mine for port 2 shows as 699KB according to the file manager (WHITE Key then "APPS" or "APPS" key then select item 7).

Top level listing on mine:

0:IRAM     227KB
1:ERAM 127KB
3:SD 934560KB
Home 227KB

You can examine objects stored in flash using the file manager - use up/down arrows to select "2:FLASH" and press ENTER.
My listing for 2:FLASH looks like this:

EQLIB:Equation L226   57496
EQLIB:Equation L227 11307


Thank you for your answer!
Klaus greet


I think, the flash is shared between the operating system and the user flash memory. So what you see is what was left after installing the operating system in flash memory.



AND the ,amual is not updated...

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