[POT]Another record to be broken...


[POT]partially off topic

I know I shoudn't fo it but...

Another record is to be broken by our friend: here it is.

Please don't slap me if you consider I shouldn't have mentioned it.




I have one NOS 67 complete in box with manuals still shrink wrapped. This unit is un-used according to the original owner who bought it new and did not pull it out of it's box until last year. He put back in the box because he could not get the battery pack (shrink wrapped) to charge! Bought a Casio instead.

I plugged a charged battery into the calculator and it ran and read the diagnostics card to boot. Came with an external battery charger as well as a shrink wrapped games box and stat box!

Only asking $10,000 for it!!!

Happy new year

Edited: 3 Jan 2009, 8:23 p.m.


$10,000 !!
You can send the "Get Well" cards to the mental facility...




too late - they will not let me out that easily at his point.
The übernurse talks some strange things about "one flew over cuckoo's nest"...



Some financial forecasters say the dollar will lose a lot of steam in 2009. So your asking price will become more and more reasonable if these TI-using forecasters are right!


Edited: 4 Jan 2009, 6:09 p.m.


Thanks, Namir! I'm back at home with some medication...

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