HP2225A Thinkjet ink


I see the occasional HP thinkjet advertised. I used to work with these printers, and I'm aware of their printhead construction.

Has anyone discovered a method of either refilling the ink bladder, or replacing it with something refillable?

I think they were HP's first effort with inkjet technology and started HP's tradition of disposable printheads.


Forget refilling. You can buy these printheads. They were used for a certain amount of other printers (i.e. Kodak Dikonix, I believe). I also saw them in some cashpoints.

I tried refilling years ago, but the ink is in a bag which contracts when the ink level goes low (some sort of vacuum packaging). I dont believe you'll have any benefit other than getting black fingers.

Yes, they were HPs first THermal INKJETS.


Additional question: how may I repair if *ONE* contact to the printhead is torn away? Pls respond to my eMail-address TIA .....MIKE



If you own a HP 2225x, you may face the same problem as I do: -the ink cartrige HP 51604 or 92261A produces poor quality prints because of a bad contact between the print head and the contacts on the flex cable. In my case, some copper lines are cut just near the little raised contacts(dimples). The cable itself (flexible circuit) is mainly fragile at this very spot due to mechanical forces when inserting & removing cartriges.

The good news is that this part is still available at HP !!! Contact you local HP dealer or Service center and ask for the following:

- Flex cable only, from logic board to Carriage : P/N 02225-80027 - Carriage assembly, includes Flex Cable : P/N 02225-60914

You should order preferably the entire carriage assembly, since it'll be easier to replace. Mouting the flex cable on the carriage can break the copper lines and give the same problem.

Happy servicing! If you want some more informations, let me know.

More info on HP parts and device exploded views can be found at HP web site, search for Part Surfer and log as guest. Worth the seeing.

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