MLDL2000 new firmware and software


My (late) Christmas present to all MLDL2000 users is a new release of the MLDL2000 firmware, software and documentation. The versions are now at V1.51. Please have a look at my my website for all the details. Please backup your MLDL2000 before doing the firmware upgrade and read the README files!!

As always, your feedback is appreciated.

The MLDL2000 V2 has some delay. The part I was planning to use for the SD card controller had far too much power consumption, although it was advertised differently. The low power mode is possible, but had a number of disadvantages, so I had to switch to a different controller. The samples have arrived just before Christmas and I will do some preliminary testing later this week.

Have a healthy and good 2009!



Hi Meindert,

It is indeed a good news for Christmas and New Year to hear about the new version.

I am eagerly waiting for MLDL2000 V2 module.

Best regards from Sunny Singapore.


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