How is Valentin Albillo


Just wonder how Valentin is going as he seems to have disappeared from the forum. His posts and challenges are always fun to read and try.



... does anyone know what's the matter with him?


I see some references to him on the internet, but he hasn't been on the forum for years. I hope all is well... what a really nice guy. We exchanged calculators, correspondence, and even some phone calls.


... and there are some tasks where their help would be appreciated. Luiz announced he was going to have a lot of work. I have no similar information from Valentin.


I keep in touch with Valentin. He has been under a lot of pressure at work over the past few months, but other than that, I believe he is doing just fine.

I expect to see him personally next week, in case you want me to convey any messages.


Fernando, just tell him hello from the crowd. :)


And also a big hello from all the lurkers like me, who don't post often, but always read each and every contribution from him with utmost attention.

I hope to hear from you in 2009 Valentin, take care.

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