I updated the ICEBOX.ROM and included the function SROM to search for any word in ROM (with the same clean API as the RROM 8Read ROM] and WROM [Write ROM] functions [address in X, word in Y]). It's available here: UC-41 site. I am now working on the next version and started by adding the function GROM [Goto ROM] (real simple, but dangerously powerful as it lets you jump straight to anywhere in rom - it transfers execution to the address you put in X). All inputs (address or words) in these functions are to be in NNN format (use the HEX>NNN function to achieve this as the sample FOCAL program shows on the UC-41 site.

The reason for this project is partly to give easy access to to the world of MCODE from any FOCAL program. Now you can read any ROM word, write directly to anywhere in HEPAX RAM, search for any ROM Word or jump the execution to anywhere in ROM - all from a FOCAL program.

With the WROM function and its ability to switch NOV-32/64 RAM blocks, you can now (with a NOV-64) actually write a full 64K chess program for the HP-41. Insane of course, but it can be done :-)

Now, what else? I'd like input from anyone as to what they would consider useful along these lines. Any new functions you would like to have?


In NoV.41 program between lines 015 and 016 need line LBL 09

Where find ICEBOX documentation?

Edited: 10 Dec 2008, 5:47 a.m.


Thanks for the correction to NoV.41.

I have added a preliminary QRG on my site. Check it out.


ZOleg (and others);

I have updated ICEBOX.ROM to version 1C. I added the RAND function from SandMath III and wrote two more functions: >442 and >244. See my site for details. I also did work on the QRG with more CSI work on the ToolBox functions as well as adding the ICEBOX.ROM specific functions. With ZOleg's help, we'll have a nice pdf soon (thanks for the first revision).


Hi Geir... Oleg

Wow!! you've been really and productively busy... (hope you have done all this before -or after- your vacation!) and thanks so much for the mention on your web.

In a preliminary review it looks quite feasible that your ICEBOX can also be usefull for NoV-32 RAM handling (with obvious limitation to 32K)

Will keep in contact.

Best wishes for Norwegian and Russian Xmas. :-)



In a preliminary review it looks quite feasible that your ICEBOX can also be usefull for NoV-32 RAM handling (with obvious limitation to 32K)

It works equally well on the NoV-32 :-)

Also, a version 1D is soon to be released - with better Stack<>Memory and Alpha<>Memory routines.

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