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I'm new to the 50G, so maybe a basic question.
How can I calculate the value to be entered in the Numeric solver input form (while the input form is active)? On Hp-35S EQN Solver, when prompted for a value, I can do my calculations to prepare the input value and ther press R/S to pass it to the solver. I want to do the same in 50G - how can it be done?
Also, what is the purpose of the 'ENTRY' command?-I tried it but with no reasonable outcome. I found nothing in the user's guide on this command.
Thanks in advance.


When you're in NUM.SLV entering numeric values for the known variables, you have to enter calculations without pressing the ENTER key, because the ENTER key would interrupt the calculation and thus just ENTER the first value. To accomplish this you would proceed like so. Say, you have the equation x+5y=z, the entry form will look like this:

Eq: 'X+5*Y=Z'




You now want to calculate the X entry from X=4*5. To do so you edit the X: field and write

X: 4 [SPC] 5 * [ENTER]

The [SPC] will separate the 4 and 5 like the [ENTER] key would do in a normal RPN calculation. The last [ENTER] will then complete the entry after calculating the result.

If you want to enter more complex stuff for the variables like SIN(.4) in algebraic or .4 SIN in RPN mode, you have to make sure that you switched to approximate mode before, or else you'll get an INVALID OBJECT TYPE error.

ENTRY is explained on page 1-6 of the "HP 49G+ Advanced User's Reference Manual"

While you’re editing a program, you may want to switch the command-line entry mode between Program-entry
mode (for editing most objects) and Algebraic/Program-entry mode (for editing algebraic objects). The PRG
and ALG annunciators indicate the current mode.

To switch between entry modes:

Press [Right Shift][ENTRY]

The difference being that if you edit an algebraic object like '3+4' and hit SIN, then SIN will come out when in PRG mode and SIN() while in ALG PRG mode.

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Hello vq,

With the numeric solver input form on the screen and the desired input field selected, hit "next" to get to the next page of soft key labels. There you will find a "calc" softkey label (2nd from left). Hitting the associated softkey (f2) will take you to a stack environment where you can calculate your input. When finished, hit the "OK" softkey. (If, during the course of your calculation you have navigated away from these softkey labels, you will be prompted to return to them by hitting right shift "cont" (ON key).

If the equation you want is stored in a variable, hit the "choose" softkey from the solver input form.

An alternate method I sometimes like to employ is to build my equation to be solved on the main stack before even going to the solver. Then copy it, go to the solver, highlight the "eq" field, paste, and enter.

(to copy, you must activate interactive stack, and be sure the arrow is at the stack level you want to copy (it defaults to level 1), then right shift copy. You must then exit interactive stack (by hitting cancel or enter)).

One more thing, since you're new to the 50G...don't forget it's got a nifty (and powerful) symbolic solver as well. To use it, put your equation in level 2, the variable to be solved for in level 1, hit right shift "s.slv" (7 key) and use the "solve" softkey on the far right. Remember the symbolic solver won't work for all equations.

Best regards, and enjoy, Hal



very nice! Never knew that!

George Bailey

Edited: 3 Dec 2008, 4:05 p.m.


Thanks a lot, there's really much to learn. These hands-on tips are very helpful (though hard to find/hidden? in the manuals for me).


vq, the Internet is the manual...

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