HPGCC 2 Tutorial Updated with Vista, OS/X, More Examples



  1. Added Part 3 - More Examples. Unlike Part 2, the examples in this section will not have fully annotated code. Only HPGCC features not previously documented will be annotated.
  2. Added Viète Accelerated. First Part 3 example. This example will demonstrate how to use libfsystem with your SD card to read and write an array too large to fit into memory, text cursor positioning, SD card benchmarking, how to generate Excel 3D bar plots, and how to generate dynamic UserRPL code to be processed after the C program exits.
  3. Added 2GB SD card support.
  4. Updated Cygwin notes to support Vista.
  5. Added OS/X w/ HPAPINE support.
  6. Tarballs recreated with 2GB support and new documentation.

Merry Christmas.

Link: http://sense.net/~egan/hpgcc

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