Extra-ordinary stuff at TAS


Hi Allen,

what's what you offer here? Didn't know such stuff being made for 48s.


Ask seller a question


Thanks an awful lot, George, that's a way I didn't learn so far. I wonder how I managed to achieve >100 points without your support ;)

Seriously, I just thought that item being of some common interest in this forum. So I chose asking a question here in public I'd never have asked this way on TAS. Sorry for overstraining.

P.S.: Got a response in the meantime indicating also the seller doesn't know more about that item. Maybe somebody else has seen such HW before? Perhaps even in use?

Edited: 30 Nov 2008, 9:48 a.m.


Discussing ebay auctions here has lead to some unpleasant threads in the past. From your question, Walter, it wasn't particularly clear to me what you intended. I'm sorry if you felt attacked in any way.


George, I'm sorry if I asked an unclear question. Anyway, my intention was and is to find out whether anybody here has seen or used such an attenuator. I'm interested since it's the first non-surveying peripheral of an HP I've seen (besides some printers and drives, of course).


wow, I know nothing about the 48, but this sounds like a cool item!!!

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