HP-41 Books?


Is there any guide to the rough value of HP-41-related books? Any guesses?

I am looking at "Extend Your HP-41" (Mier-Jedrzejowicz), "HP-41 Synthetic Programming Made Easy" (Jaret), "HP-41 Extended Functions Made Easy" (Jaret), and "Calculator Tips And Routines (Especially For The HP-41C/HP41CV)" (Dearing).

I cannot find any sales of any of these the big auction site, here, there, or anywhere.

And, if you were going to have one and only one of these books, which would you choose?



IF you can only have one.. hmmm... Really hard to say based on your list above. It really depends on your interest.

Most interesting: "Extend Your HP-41" (Mier-Jedrzejowicz),
Most advanced: "HP-41 Synthetic Programming Made Easy" (Jarett),
Most basic: "HP-41 Extended Functions Made Easy" (Jarett),
Most examples: "Calculator Tips And Routines (Especially For The HP-41C/HP41CV)" (Dearing).
I also recommend to your wish list four other books:
PPC rom manual, (really 5 pounds of feathers in a 1 lb bag!)
"An easy course in programming the HP 41"- Coffin, Wadman, and Bloch
"Synthetic Programming" by Wickes
"HP 41 Advanced Programming Tips"- McCormack and Jarett

These are all in my top-ten must read list for the HP 41. All of the books are out of print, but are available from time to time and range from $30 to $80 each from various online stores. (Price depends on condition).


appear on it.

I happen to be of an era when one could by those as they came of the shelf!

Cheers, Geoff


I don't recall seeing these two on the DVD..

"Calculator Tips And Routines (Especially For The HP-41C/HP41CV)" (Dearing).
"HP 41 Advanced Programming Tips"- McCormack and Jarett

I did a good check. Are they under a different title, perhaps?

I have both Ver. 5.0 and 6.0 DVD... and especially as one who travels (you know), I don't miss a word in my analog book while my fellow travelers are packing away their HP laptops, iPhones, Blackberrys, and Amazon Kindles during takeoff and landing. GRIN..


You have the nicest collection of printed matter here! But in Switzerland, behind the seven mountains, with the seven dwarfs, there is one even nicer ;)


DonĀ“t forget the newest HP-41 book - new edition printed 2008 - contains 708 pages. Titel :

HP-41 Input / Output Board & IL2000 Interface System

Best regards from the author - Christoph Klug


Yes, your collection is really nice. For one time I do not believe in Walter (sorry).... my collection of manuals (especially "An easy course in using the...") is not nicer. My congratulations.



Holey Cow Batman!!!!

Another avenue to vent the collection bug, I am now going to build another wall to wall bookcase!

You are correct, those two are missing.

And yes, I always bring an HP manual and calc with me on my travels. I sure get the looks when I pull out a 29C or 65 or 67 or 97 or 41 or my new second favourite (the 42S) with the associated manuals, especially from the laptop crowd!

Cheers, Geoff

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I get the same looks on airplanes- I pulled out a 41CX and a Technical Salesman (Age late 40's) nearly fell into the aisle!

Here are some other photos (click to enlarge):

HP41/71 items in boxes (some new others not)

Leather Cases with duplicates and one of each of most used calculators.

HP 41 modules and HP 41 documentation. Includes all calculator books published by Synthetics.

Large format Easy Course Books, and Most of the HP 41 large format manuals. ( Wand, extended functions, etc..) Includes ZEPROM manual from C. Klug, Machine Language(48sx), and original HP 35 materials from managers there in the 70's.

Misc larger HP books, including several EDUCALC catalogs, NIB PPC rom manual.

All Voyager and Pioneer Users and Application Manuals, Small format Easy course books.

HP 48 books, S/SX/G/GX, including HP 41/48 Transitions. All versions of HP 48 Insights, HP 48 Handbook, and Jumpstart.

All Clamshell Calculators manuals and books, (including Easy course), and hard to find HP 28 books: Customize your HP 28 and HP 28 Insights (Wickes). Includes all HP application books for the 18c and 28c/s.


Wasn't there a Forum member advising me about privacy protection at this very site two months ago? Too late in this case ;)


Wasn't there a Forum member advising me about privacy protection at this very site two months ago? Too late in this case ;)

Indeed, I was advising you to protect someone else's privacy. It turned out this someone else had give his privacy up before you even interfered. ;-) As it is in Allen's case. Nothing wrong with sharing your own privacy with the whole world. Especially if it is such an impressive privacy! :-)


Algorithms for RPN calculators ISBN 0-471-03070-8

Inside the HP41 by Jean-Daniel Dodin

and some 48 books about basics and graphics

oh, and a PPC ROM pocket guide

and a Finnish KORKOKOIRJA ~interest book - for 12C

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And just what would it take to be included in your last will and testament?

Seriously, one of my concerns is what might happen to my (meager) collection when I pass away. I hope it doesn't end up at the local goodwill!

Very impressive.


I hope it doesn't end up at the local goodwill!

Think of the happiness you will create for the discoverer! (S)he will report here to the Forum with great glee about her/his fantastic bargain discovery.


I had similar concerns. I hope it works, but I took my wife to the basement (where most of my calculator collection is stored in boxes) and told her that since I do not have much of a life insurance policy (I don't want to be worth more dead, than alive), part of what she will need for future expenses is in those boxes. "Take good pictures, put them up on Ebay, and don't fall for offers to 'Buy-it-Now'".

The same goes for my sealed vintage Estes model rocket kits.



To answer your questions. I am not aware of any guide to the current value of these books. One reason is because their value can change fairly rapidly. I have all of these, and read all bu the Calculator Tips and Routines. I found "Extend your HP-41" to be the best, because it attempts to be the most comprehensive. "HP-41 Synthetic Programming Made Easy" was a great read for that topic, but it does not cover many other topics. The same goes for "HP-41 Extended Functions Made Easy". Those two are kind of the "Dummies" books for a specific topic, where the "Extend" book is more of an encyclopedia of stuff HP-41.

Edited: 3 Dec 2008, 1:40 p.m.

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