HP Thermal printer paper



I am interested in what quality I can still expect from original HP thermal printerpaper for the systemprinter of the HP41 series.

I had a box which was a bit yellowed in due time and is not printing very well anymore.

I guess this all has to do with the stability of the chemicals used for the ink.

What is your experience: Is there still paper around, stored in normal household conditions that is 100% perfect or is it sheer luck that 25 year old paper is still a little bit working when used?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



Hello Roland,

SHEER LUCK! unless it has been stored in preserving gasses such as NO2 OR the plastic wrap on the box has not been broken.

I use the same type of paper in the B767 we fly. On occasion I will have a role in which the printing is extremely faded as the chemical coating on the paper has oxidized. Sometimes when we get a role that has come from old stock I will unwind the first 3 feet (approximately) to get to a section that has not oxidized.

The upshot is, for my thermal HP printers I use new stock available in generic roles at the local Office store. In the aircraft, if the role has the plastic wrap seal broken I will remove 3 feet of the leading edge to expose the unoxidized paper.

Cheers, Geoff

PS I find the blue treated paper oxidizes at a faster rate then the black.


Hi Geoff,

Thanks for your answer, I will check if it still prints when i first unwind 3 ft.




Having read this post, I tried my 82143A with a brand new roll of 57mm standard thermal paper for tills, which I bought some time ago for my Sharp CE-126P.

Guess what?

The print quality surpasses the original rolls by quite a margin.

The paper hasn't yellowed yet, and the printout even at the "Light" setting is as dark as the "Dark" setting gets with the original rolls.

That's one worry less, then.

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