HP-35S Printed User's Guide


While reading through the Introductory pamphlet that came with my HP-35s, I noted that a printed User's Guide was available by calling 1-800 HPINVENT. I called, and four business days later I had the printed User's Guide. It is a "Perfect Bound" book, approximately 5-1/2" by 8-1/2" by about 3/4" thick. It is listed as Edition 1. It appears to have the same content as that supplied on the CD ROM that comes with calculator. You will need to provide the Service Operator with the Serial Number of your calculaor.


That's exactly the User's Guide which was included in the first packs in the summer of 2007. So, you show a way to obtain it for those coming late(r).


Mine came with the calc. So I must have been one of the early birds. :)


I also have the book that came with the calc, bought Sep 07. And I reckon the manual is reasonably well written, nicely printed and bound; not really a spiral-bound manual of the golden era full of witty examples, but not bad either. And I enjoyed reading it from cover to cover. And my 35s doesn't miss any keystrokes. And it doesn't have bits that fall off. And it sits flat on the desk. And the screen is clear and readable.

In other words, I appear to like the 35s, give or take a couple of annoying features and silly design flaws, but then which calculator doesn't/didn't have them? (12C, obviously ;)

Sigh. I am now thinking there must be something wrong with me: we are supposed to moan about 35s every time we mention it on this forum, give HP a good bashing for this ill-fated model, and look at what I've just written! HP may read this, and stop the development of 45s using the "current economic climate" and my post as excuses...


I like my 35S, too - very much, indeed! HP showed us how good they still are. If HP does the 45S as well - I will like it even more.

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not really a spiral-bound manual of the golden era full of witty examples, but not bad either.

I had mine spiral bound at Kinkos, but I didn't pay extra to have witty examples put in.




I had my 35s manual done at Kinkos as well, after your mention of it (I didn't know they did that!) About $6, and it really makes a huge difference in the usability.


You didn't have any copyright problems getting a manual printed at kinko's?


You didn't have any copyright problems getting a manual printed at kinko's?

I had my manual bound, not printed. I doubt that they would print one for $6!

I wouldn't pay a cent for that manual. Neither get it spiral-bounded.
It's full of mistakes as if it was written for some other calculator.
It's a shame for a HP calc manual. So is the calculator itself. Disgrace...


On the other hand I use my HP35s alot lately to crunch numbers, those big display numbers are more than welcome to my ageing eyes :O)
And I enjoy the keyboard either. I'm having second taughts about this calc



Are those sheets 8.5x11 or 1/2 of 8.5x11?


I don't recall the paper size, and I don't have the manual in front of me. It's probably about 6"x9". I just took the manual to Kinkos, they cut the existing binding off, and spiral bound it for me.




My 35S also came with a printed manual. Guess I was lucky, too.

The manual is good enough and the examples are understandable. Not the ones that came in the old manuals but they do the job. There is some Algebraic/RPN mixing, though. Some RPN examples include algebraic instructions but it is possible to correct them. The Programming section is acceptable and the examples work out.

Polar/Rectangular conversions bugs and complex numbers handling aside, the 35S is a good machine. Mine has not missed a keystroke yet; I did try to add 3300 to 2500 intstead of 6300 to 2500, but that was my mistake after using LAST X to undo the sum and check.

My two cents.


My 35s bought Feb 08 came also with a printed french manual. It's clearly not the same quality as my 32S manual from 1988. I've noticed several translation mistakes, some of them being carried from the 33S manual.

However having a printed manual vs. a pdf file is really a plus for me. I've not yet looked to the ways of having it spiral bound in France but it should be nice to have this done.

I find the 35s a pretty nice calculator despite the issues/shortcomings already highlighted in this forum. I've not seen yet any keyboard failure, I had a rattling battery cover but I fixed it with a small adhesive tape inside the cover and it's fine.

This my main calculator as it's the only scientific RPN calc still on the market so I don't fear loosing or breaking it.


However having a printed manual vs. a pdf file is really a plus for me.

Personally, I prefer to have both, and was very annoyed when initially, only a printed manual was available. I was glad when HP finally published the PDF?

Why do I want both? Because to read and learn about the calculator, I prefer a printed manual. But when I'm on a business trip, I don't want to bring the printed manual along (I like to travel light). But since I've already got my laptop along anyway, a PDF version of the manual is ideal for quick reference.


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