How common is the HP 41 emulator card for 48SX?


Can anyone give me a feel for how easy it is to purchase an HP 41CV Emulator Application Card for the 48SX (HP 82210A)? I have not seen any on e-bay recently. Also, any idea on the price these sell for? Finally, anyone have one for sale? :)



The last one that sold on ebay went for $266. I think that is a little high. I personally got mine with an overlay (no box or manual sadly) in an auction with a 48SX- luckily no other interested bidder recognized the part number from the listing so I picked up card and calculator for less than the SX alone was worth.


It's been many years so I don't remember anymore but I believed I paid around $100 for it when it just came out.


Texas Instruments TI 58/59 Calculator HP RPN Simulator
Simulates HP 65/67/97 RPN Programs on a TI 58/59
Ebay Item number: 110314012481


Not an emulator - but rather a lame attempt from TI to capture HP users and utilize the huge RPN software base - but interesting.

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