Sh__ happens... ;)


Here an example what ebay can do with you....

Ebay Link (german manual for HP-70)

I doubt, that the two highest bidders thought they have to pay their offer... Bad luck for the higest bidder.
(No, I wasn't one of the two, I was third and this is no joke)

Did you happen this before too?


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Seems there were some 'bid amount pushers' on their way:-/

OTOH the seller now offers the associated HP-70, without manual. Bad style:-(

My bid on the manual was less than 10 Euros.



I didn't understand any of this. Care to explain, please?


Little to explain, Veli-Pekka. Some grown-ups were bidding $$$E2 for a document included in the Museum DVD for far less. Conclusion: too much $$$ in the world even after Lehman Bros ;)



... too much $$$ in the world even after Lehman Bros ;)

So now we know where the money went that these Lehman guys misplaced. I wish I had some old calculator manuals for sale. But I seriuosly think about selling one of my HP-46es. The one that we talked about here recently really fetched 800$. Incredible.

Greetings, Max



My 2 cents:

Maybe the person had a mint HP70 and no manual, so instead of buying another HP70 with included manual and selling the HP70 machine separately again this was an option. You do not see many HP70's coming along these days.

I recently bought a complete HP71 in Box and am selling now my HP71 without a box. A lot of effort to get a box but as a collector I value complete set's

Alas, this is my opinion, a paper manual is what counts, not one on a DVD.




I didn't understand any of this. Care to explain, please?

I have seen this happen before. Someone wants it badly, so puts in a very high maximum proxy bid just to make sure he wins, assuming that everyone else who bids will put in a bid near the usual market price. The problem arises when another bidder has just the same idea.

I once saw a Unimat 3 (that may have been worth $500) end for $50,000. One wonders how such blunders are resolved.


Since eBay is very eager to please buyers ... I am sure they will offer forgiveness for high bidders who don't pay.


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