HP 41 Perpheral Printer/Ludlum 322



I have never seen this before. It is now offered on Ebay: 160297366052.

Any idea what this perhreal is supposed to be doing, probably some control function given that 2 IL modules and a time module are in the back of the 41.


I have never seen this machine before, but the two connectors look like one from the printer and the other one might be a wand cable cut and connected by a DB9 connector to the "machine".

As there is another DB9 connector labled "wand", I guess that the "machine" makes input to the 41 by sending a signal emulating barcode through the wand connector with its interface.


No ideal what it does. But Ludlum makes instrumentation for the Nuclear industry. See following link for Ludlum current products:

Ludlum Measurements

I wonder if anyone at Ludlum would rememember that this Ebay item is.

Bill (Smithville, NJ)

Edited: 13 Nov 2008, 1:35 p.m.

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