Thank you!


Thank you for your consultation about the HP50g. It is one of the best calculators i have ever seen, especially after finding out the keytime command...
It beats the ti89(I own the normal version - not the platinum) by far!

The fever got me now - my father warned me...

Thanks folks

PS: My father needs a new calc. He is used to the 35, 41cv and some newer(90's) models(He always tells me about the 35 and the 41cv about the keys and the solid body) . Is the 35s a choice for him? I want to give him one for xmas.


Right now the 35s is the only RPN calculator available and recommended for somebody presumably over 50. It's a very nice calc, if you haven't seen the vintage calculators of the 70s, 80s, or 90s. Anyway, it's far nicer than the 33s IMHO, and that's all being on the market.

So, a 35s will probably gladden your father.


So, a 35s will probably gladden your father.

I concur - as an owner of an original '35 (since 1973) and an owner of the 35S. When I need something quick these days, I grab the 35S. So far, I have not had any key(board) problems with it.

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