HP41 Emulation on HP48 Series


Hi Forum,

in an old thread I have read some information regarding the HP41 Emulation on the 48 series. The Zengrange developed but HP distributed emulation card works well on the SX (as I am just learning).

There is some mentioning that the software was adapted by Raymond del Tondo to run well on a GX however that the distribution of the software was not possible due to copyright topics.

My simple question is, has this matter been resolved and if yes, how to receive/buy the software and run it or if no, when will it be resolved (if hopefully ever).



Hi Alexander,

you have mail:-)




Hi Raymond,

I would be so thankful if I "got mail" too. :-)

I have an HP/Zengrange 41 emulator card as well, and would love to run it on a GX.

Take care Raymond,


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