34C LED Problem


My 34C displays a small "dot" on the upper Left Hand Side of the display, something like:

' 00000000 (where the single quote indicates the "dot")

Is this normal?

The dot is quite bright (about half normal LED brightness). It is made up of 4 pixels, the same size in total as the decimal point indicator.

I never noticed this before - think it is new. Any ideas?

Many thanks!

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According to p. 271 of the manual, the "raised decimal" is a low-battery indicator for 1-25 minutes of power remaining. I recommend a replacement battery if you are still using the original batteries from the 80's.


Many thanks!

It's my first set of Alkaline AA's so I guess I've used them nearly to exhaustion in a matter of weeks - many thanks again :)

PS. It's my first HP LED... after 41CV, 12C, 48GX.

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Hi Ed,

It's my first set of Alkaline AA's so I guess I've used them nearly to exhaustion in a matter of weeks

Bear in mind that the total expected run time on a single charge (or set of batteries) for most HP LED calc's is measured in hours (4 to 6 at most). I use flatnose rechargable AA's in my 34C with good results, which I recharge externally. If the raised portion of the battery contacts in your 34C are broken off (a common problem), then you can use normal dimension batteries (with the button on the positive end).

Best regards, Hal

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