If there is a 35S replacement - please add these:


To make program development easier, please can the following be considered for any 35S successor:

1. NOP instruction.

2. Ability to edit GOTO Lnnn statements.

3. More labels!

Those three I consider very important and I originally intended to post that only. However, I can't stop myself so I want to add:

1. Bit manipulation including setting, clearing, testing, shifting, rotating.

2. Extended alphanumerics to include punctuation symbols.

3. A Yes/No input command.

Also, a IR printer port and a memory card would be useful :)

Got to stop now...


Edited: 1 Nov 2008, 8:59 a.m.


Most important: Bugs (hard- and software) out, R->P and P->R in. I'd buy it.


R-P and P-R is already in there isn't it? I think there is a flag to set but if you type in 3i4 enter, it returns 5 theta 53.13....



Problems start when you wish to compose/decompose complex numbers from/to stack. You can't compose numbers in polar notation, i.e. an expression 1(teta)2 has to be entered manually. Likewise, neither notation allows being decomposed to stack, unfortunately.

Edited: 1 Nov 2008, 9:37 a.m.


ARG replaced by CMPLX menu
V2->C, C->V2
XY->RQ, RQ->XY (Q=Theta)
C->XY, XY->C

% replaced by % menu
%, &CHG, &TOT, %ADD, %SUB

%CHG replaced by VECT menu
V2->C, C->V2
->V2, ->V3, V->
V1, V2, V3


A 35s with

- no bugs
- complete complex number support
- decent keyboard labelling (e.g. kg instead of KG)
- no limits in indirect adressing for INPUT
- direct execution of programs (e.g. XEQ A and that's it)
- no GOTO madness
- a scratch-proof non reflecting display
- a simple PC backup utility (an SD card would be so easy)
- some other functions I did not mention

and the calculator starts getting interesting.


with the SD support it sounds more like the "HP 42"


well yes ;)


Add proper indication of submenus on the keyboard labelling as well. Makes learning the calc so much easier and quicker because you can look at the structure of the machine and work out where things are before you even switch it on.

Talking of the keyboard labelling, I also consider it a major failure in ergonomics design that when you enter hex digits, you have to use an unmarked set of keys. And to make matters worse, you have to specify which base you are entering even though you are already in that base. Why???!!! I could understand it for entering a different base to the selected one but having to append the base letter for the current base is bizarre. Why does it work this way?



Can anyone tell me how many engineers and support work for the calculator division now? When I think about calcs made in the 70s, 80s, and maybe early 90s, I can imagine a minimum of 100 people working on these products. But now, as dedicated as these folks are, and as decent as the latest releases are (50g (and other graphers), 35s, 20b), I can not imagine more than 20 people working on these products, as the market has obviously diminished.

If that is true, is it fair, or farfetched, to expect a perfect, retro 15c or 42s, or a feature complete, new 43s, to ever see the light of day?




;-) Is Walter B. taking a vacation? ;-)



;-) Is Walter B. taking a vacation? ;-)

He should be in Allschwil by now, discussing his ideas with the colleagues!

Greetings, Max


He should be in Allschwil by now, discussing his ideas with the colleagues!

Is that a good reason not to post his 43S??? ;-) They do have internet in Switzerland, don't they?? And fridges, and cars, and telephones?!? Or was I misinformed? Maybe I misunderestimated ;-) the Swiss...

(I hope they have fun!!!)

Edited: 1 Nov 2008, 3:33 p.m.


The name is "HP 42"!


We've been working on a scientific conversion of the 20b...

Does that count???

The current status is that Walter & I have come close to finalising the keyboard layout.
I'm about a third of the way through implementing something close...

- Pauli


1. FOR-NEXT or FOR-STEP statements
2. Mutli Character Lables, i.e. LBL "COMB" - like the 41 series
3. I'll jump on the request for punctuation symbols
4. Additional regressions - including sinusodial

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