What would cause a HP41CV to SIZE 000-> REG 63


I have a 41CV Version GFF that only shows REG 63 after executing SIZE 000. All tests passed with the HP Service Module 1C, but I would expect a CV to show REG 319 after such an operation. Any thoughts?? Are there situations that could cause this besides RAM failure?


The machine is obviously acting out on Halloween. Tomorrow, it should work just ok.

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As you are probably aware, 63 is the original number of registers on a vanilla 41C. Not a 41C mainboard in a 41CV casing?



I have seen this a number of times in the past on my 41CV. The good news is that it was not permanent but the bad news is I can't recall how to fix it. I think that I had to reset the calculator a number of times. I also took the batteries out and cleaned the connections but I'm not sure if this really helped.


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