OT: 36mm/1.4" wide thermal paper - where?


Sorry for the OT post!

I've recently acquired a PC-200 printer for my TI-66 (Thanks, Jörg!) and I can't find the proper thermal paper rolls. They are 36mm (1.4") wide. I have a roll of 37mm paper but it is not feed through the mechanism. One mm makes a difference.

Does anybody here know of a supplier?



I can't provide any supplier for 36mm wide thermal paper. But think about going to a print shop. They usually have large cutting machines with which they can cut large stacks of paper very accurately. They can cut of thin slices. So if you find a way to prevent the roll inside from collapsing to the pressure, you might be able to get 1mm cut off of the 37mm.


In this case, I'd prefer cutting a standard fax roll. That's way cheaper and the supply isn't so limited.


Fax paper is a good idea! If you really try that, let us know if it works.

Laser cutting wouldn't be an option as it is likely to leave to thermal paper a bit blackened at the edges... ;-)



Laser cutting wouldn't be an option as it is likely to leave to thermal paper a bit blackened at the edges... ;-)

And water jet cutting isn't either ...

Are these rolls the same as the ones of the PC100 of the Ti58/59? I may have some left that I'm not going to use in my present incarnation. I collect calculators, but I never print anything with them :-)

Greetings, Max


Max, the PC-100 is much wider. :-(


Here's a place that carries 1 7/16" rolls, that's 36.5mm and might work. According to this site the PC-200 uses 37mm paper. So perhaps the size you tired is just a hair to wide and 36.5mm is what's required.


Katie, they won't ship to Germany. Now I'm looking for a supplier of 36.5mm wide paper.


Now I'm looking for a supplier of 36.5mm wide paper.

Maybe you should take a 20cm strip of fax paper and tailor it down with a photo cutter until it fits your printer, beginning from 36.9mm in 0.1mm steps, so you know exactly what width your printer needs.

And depending on how much you're planning to print, this DIY fax-paper-to-printer-paper-method might supply you with enough to just occasionally use the printer. If you have a real long metal ruler you'll be even able to cut 2m long strips off of the fax paper...


George, I just did what you suggest. I have a stock of Fax rolls from my retired Nefax. The problem: The paper isn't fed properly as if it were to smooth an the backside.

I probably have to clean the tiny rubber rolls inside the printer and try again with my self made stripes.



Marcus, have you printed on some kind of original paper with it before or is it the first attempt ever?

Have you rolled it on something or are you feeding it having the full length just hanging out at the back?

Good luck!

George Bailey



You have a shipping address in the US!



Thanks for the tip Jörg. Can you manage to find the paper for me? It was you who is responsible for my needs. ;)

If you find it, I'll buy it from you. You can even test it on your sample of the PC-200. I guess you dind't sell your only one.



Send me an eMail to this address: joerg@datamath.org


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