OT: Good at eyeballing?


Sorry again for this OT link. I found it very interesting to do...

Eyeballing Game


George Bailey

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Thanks for the link.

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This is a hoot! I bested you at 2.89, but forgot to save the link.


What would be interesting to test is whether the score is affected by the screen. I am using a CRT and it is (like all CRTs) somewhat distorted. If I try it on a flat screen, I wonder if I will do better?

The distribution is also interesting. It looks quite smooth, but you have to wonder about the outliers----I think they are non-triers.

I think this calls for an HP 48GX plot!


I've done the eyeballing test on a notebook LCD four times now. I scored between 2.75 and 4.9, with the three results for each test sometimes differing from 0.9 to around 10.

My personal guess is that my results depend heavily on the orientation of the lines on my screen. E.g. I'm better in doing the right angle when the fixed line is near horizontal or vertical.

To CRT users: lines in the middle of your screen shouldn't be distorted. You could check that with a ruler... ;-)


I am using a notebook. Tried it both with and without eyeglasses. Without wins. Down to 2.56 now, but am not quite savvy enough to post my results like others have done.


That's fun.

2.61 on my first attempt:



A guy named Mateusz has two rounds with a score of 0.00. This looks impossible to me. Did he spoof the rresult or is there any way of cheating?

My best score is below 2 but that was a very good round for me. The results pop of the list easily because only 10000 results are held.

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Thinking about it, we could try it with a ruler and a set square...

Personally, I managed two 0.0s, but never all in a whole set - without cheating ;-)


That's easy 8) But the overall result counts.


2,78 on my first set of 3. Nice distribution of results :)

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