Amazing day :-)


Yesterday an old HP calculator importer called me and said he had seen me on TV and knew that my collection burned down. He offered to give me his remaining stuff from the 70's and 80's. Needless to say I was thrilled like a kid in a candy store.

Today I drove to his place - he had boxes of old stuff - mostly lots of manuals and books, but also a few real gems in there:

2 or 3 HP-33C, 2 HP-34C, 5 HP-41 time modules, 2 card readers, a whole box full of printers, some 41 modules (memory, math) and more. All New Old Stock (!).

I also got an interesting rare item for the 48 series - a custom surveying card made in Norway called Geometrix. Also lots of interesting literature and other stuff I will wade through in days to come. I'll be seeing a few of you next weekend... you need a time module, perhaps?

In between this, I am also excited about the new NoV-64 that arrived last week. And next weekend I'll be in Switzerland - all this makes my calculator universe curve :-)

Tip: Get featured on TV.


Congratulations, Geir! Some publicity seems to be beneficial. See you in Switzerland :)


That's the story that should make it to the news, not all this gloom and doom.

I am sorry I cannot be at the meeting in Switzerland, enjoy it and we want to hear all about it!



Hi Geir,

It's indeed a great re-start point for your new collection. My congrats for that!

Sincerelly hope that some more people take the token and share some of their repeated items.

In the meanwhile, enjoy your NoV-64... ;-))

Will see you in Switzerland.



Great news! I just got around to watch the segment three days ago and it was a bit sad to watch knowing the fine collection gone...

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