HP 48GX and Cynox Ram card 128kb ( warning invalid card data...)


Hello everyone,

Yesterday I changed the battery of my Ram card 128kb...it was 6 year old and had meta kernel in.

I have 6 Ram cards more and never happened that:

I put the ram card in the hp48gx and always gives me Invalid Card Data and I'm doing PINIT everytime and it doesn't work.

then to see what happened to my card I inserted it in another hp48gx with metakernel and saw that the "bad" ram card creates 3 or 4 archives and cannot erase them...

anyone has an idea??

ports where without write protection.



Most folks forget to do the Ram card self test noted on pg. A-13 in the users manual.


Hello Allen,

I've done Ram Test also...

it keeps telling invalid card data, don't know why...

will try

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