Another RPN Convert?


I was looking at e-baby tonight and i saw that Joerg Worner (aka "Mr. TI) is selling an Elektronika MK-152 RPN. Among other things in the description he says: Built-in simple to learn programming language * Up to ten thousand lines of code in each program * wonderful display with a loaded RPN stack. It sounds as though he likes it. Has RPN won over the chief apologist for AOS?

On another subject: It is good to hear people quoting Norm on the 34C. It spices up the board.


It sounds as though he likes it.

;-) Well, he's selling it after all...


He got it because the Electronika name got his attention but he could not figure out how to use it so he is selling it.


Chan; Mr. Woerner attended the HHC conference held in San Diego last year and i saw him use the HP 35s we were given in RPN mode. He seemed very comfortable using it the way it was intended. Now me; i think he is a spy, sent here by his shadowy Texan puppet masters to find out how we keep getting all those correct answers. The poor guy is just going to have to tell them "buy an RPN".

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I just equipped my 4 kids (Grades 7,8,11 and 12) plus my wife (back at college since this fall) with FIVE new calculators.
Guess what: They all decided for the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition:

Jana: Light Blue - This years Wal-Mart color:

Stefan: Orange - This years Office Depot color:

Manuel: Dark Blue - Last years Target color:

Andreas: Dark Blue - This years Staples color:

And my wife Barbara choose one of the four pink shades - this years Staples color:

You see, its is not about RPN vs non/RPN - it is about fashion!!

My daily calculators are still a TI-83 Plus SE in the Office and at home I use a Canon FC-43. Why? I always have to convert Millimeters and Grams of my calculators into inches and ounces for the Datamath Calculator Museum.



You see, its is not about RPN vs non/RPN - it is about fashion!!

That's one cool answer! I was just imagining the HP 15C, 42S or 50G in "one of four shades of pink"! Could win over gazillions of teen users...

I'm not a teen anymore. But I would buy these for sure, by the dozen!

(To be honest with you: I would buy them even if they were kind of yellowish with green dots!)


It's about RPN too of course but it's sure about look. I bought my first HP the 25 not because I like RPN (I didn't know the different back then) but because it looked much nicer than the TI-50, 51 etc...


My daughter did not like the standard gray color of the keyboard back panel for her TI-84+SE, so she asked me to contact TI and order a snap in replacement panel that is black. She explained that this is because it is difficult to read the printed labels on the lighter background that came with the machine.

She started writing her own programs almost immediately. I could be waiting for a while before I see her write a gamma function, but she has made a few programs that help cement her knowledge of linear algebra, programs for converting linear equations to different forms, etc...

She made one program recently that prompts for a, b, and c, and then uses the quadratic formula to find roots. Yes, hundreds of other people have done this one, but what matters is that she was able to do this herself shortly after she learned the quadratic formula. All machines should be so easy to program.

I seriously don't think she looked at the instruction manual to learn how to program this machine, but just figured out how to do the simple programming by playing with the menus.


"Spices up the board" Nice one! :-)

Yes, I miss Norm's postings and his patent railroad lines repair for any LCD calculator!!

I can just imagine his views on a pink HP33S!

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Yes, I miss Norm's postings and his patent railroad lines repair for any LCD calculator!!

Since he's a great supporter of LED I guess something evil ;) but can you tell me more about this "repair method"?


Hi Walter

Yup, it's something pretty evil, the general technique to position the poor inoffensive calculator on a carefully chosen rail and wait for the next train to pass, eg

the way to fix it

is to carefully balance it on the

mainline Burlington Northern railroad tracks.

Wait for a train to come thru.

After the train has passed, everything

should be okey-dokey.

in response to a query concerning a 32sII!

Full thread here with some more tips.


Hi James,

Pretty exactly what I guessed (well, I admit I didn't know the name of the train ;) Thanks for that entertaining thread, too. It's a real pity we don't have too many such conversations anymore.

Ceterum censeo: HP, launch a 43s.



Captain Zener! He was awesome!

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