14B & 10B, different models...


As for 17B/II, I'd like to know the complete succession of these models...

Regarding 14B:

a) I only know display with flat bezel around... is it correct?

b) I've only seen it with 5 rubber feet (1 larger behind the screen and 2 couple smaller at the bottom)and brown bi-colour bezel among keys... right?

c) it exists for sure in standard and 50th Anniversary... any others? Serial #?

Regarding 10B:

a) I only know display with (triangular) stepped bezel around... is it correct?

b) I know it exists in 3 different version: 1) 5 rubber feet, brown bezel among keys and yellow shift; 2) 3 rubber feet, brown bezel among keys and yellow shift; 3) 3 rubber feet, black bezel among keys and green shift... right? if so, does anyone know the different Serial #? I only know that they are - in this order - from older to newer!

Thanks in advance, good evening,



Could anyone help me?


I do not have a 10B. My 14B, S/N 2842A, is as you describe: flat bezel, five feet.


Yeah, excellent... I'd like to join the experiences of us to understand if some particular model exists!

Thanks a lot!

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