50G symbolic solver


Hi all,

Can't seem to get my 50G to symbolically solve the equation
y=(2-x^3)^5 for x. The Ti 89 emulator does it easily, yeilding
x=(y^1/5-2)^1/3. Has the HP been trumped in this instance?

Best regards, Hal


As you, I couldn't get it to go as you wrote it. But then I tried rewriting your original equation as


and then used ISOL. After about a second it returned


which matches what you got from the TI.


but double XROOTs are impossible for HP: you just have to do what you did: manipulate first. Too bad..



I have no clue why yours HP-50g don't solve it symbolically !
My old HP-28S have no trouble finding a symbolic solution in a second typing a few key :

2:    'Y=(2-X^3)^5'
1: 'X'

returns in RAD mode
1: 'EXP(2*pi*i*n2/3)*(2-EXP(2*pi*i*n1/5)*Y^0.200)^0.333'

returns when limiting the results of ISOL and QUAD to the principal domain:
1: '(2-Y^0.200)^0.333'

I have no HP-50g here to check, but I see no reason your HP-50g may not obtain a similar result.
Have you check X and Y variable are global (not already present in the path ?) and any flag or mode.

Edited: 21 Oct 2008, 5:40 p.m.

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