Defrauded !



I read on previous threats people evocating having being defrauded on ebay.

I just have been too for the 2nd time.

Safeharbour is nothing but an electronic mailing system, and up to now I haven't been able to file a claim form on paypal, "painpal" I should say : their long linked page all go back to the same halp topic. So I'm ripped off by more than $100, which won't prevent me from eating, but just discoureage me to buy there... though it is about the only place to get things you're really looking for.. Pity, isn't it ?

I would suggest to post somewhere a "blacklist" of ebay members or people advertising here. This might avoid future problems...


I agree about PayPal. It is almost impossible to contact them about a problem. It is almost impossible to file a claim with them. Many have been defrauded using PayPal.

However, I have a tip sheet that you probably don't need but other new buyers might find it useful.

Calculator Buying Tips

If you have bought much from ebay, you probably have seen examples like I show. Often times, there may be just differences of opinion but if you follow these suggestions, you'll know if it was deliberate or a misunderstanding.


Mike, I liked your webpage,
but doesn't hazard have only one "z"?


You can call Paypal customer service at the phone number on your charge card bill if you use, if not I can supply. Will be call to US however.


Yes, I'd be delighted to, for no phone # appeared in my credit card statement...


OK, I will post the one from my statement. I did call and reach them the only time I tried. I will try to post tonight.


Customer Service Numbers on Charge Card Statement
Paypal (888) 221-1161
EBAY (888) 749-3229
These US toll free numbers may not work on a standard direct dial international call, but may work if you can get US operator.


Thanks ! I'll try !

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