HP calc prices in Poland


Hi to all,
HP calcs in Poland are 2-3 times more expensive than in the rest of the world, why ?

Here's the price list:

HP 12C - 165 USD (!)
HP 48g+ - 165 USD
HP 19BII - 275 USD (!)
HP 49 G - 275 USD


Is it just HP calcs or are casio and ti calcs expensive?

If they are all expensive then it's possibly some perverse supply and demand excuse for profiteering :^)



I know your pain. Have a look at these prices in Brazil (consider US$ 1.00 = R$ 2.4). If you want to check for yourself, have a look here, and you will see what I mean.

HP12C: US$ 125,00 (seen at about US$ 150,00)
HP48G+: US$ 158,00 (seen at about US$ 180,00)
HP49G: US$ 283,00 (seen at about US$ 300,00)

This variation is not due to Real (Brazilian currency)floating, but also to commercial interests.

Best regards.


Some countries have budding industries they wish to protect, so they will levy heavy tariffs on imported goods that would compete with those industries. As stated in previous postings, Brasil has built HP calculators in the past, so it may be an attempt to keep people from investing REALs in foreign calculators.



I agree with your analysis, Ren.

(What follows is a bit off topic; please, forgive-me)

In fact, we can go deeper by simply asking a disturbing question: What such national industry is our country (government/financial interests) trying to protect? Technological? Brazil does not export top-tech.

Calculators and their components, as other top-tech goods, are, if not directly commercialized, just built and sold here. Some Brazilians will read this and blame me, but this also happens in many other countries, with more or less intensity.



Yes, this is getting Off Topic, and into the forbidden realm of politics (for this forum).
Brasil may not export "high tech" as you say, but I feel it is in any country's best interest to develop higher technology. Countries that develop and manufacture higher technology stand to receive money exporting to the US and
Western Europe which have all but forsaken their manufacturing for cheaper foreign goods. I believe the US currently buys $9 Billion of goods each month from China. If any country can develop its workforce and manufacturing base to compete with China, it stands to profit considerably. So, how does this lead to higher calculator prices in Brasil? IF these higher prices are because of high tariffs, it prevents Brasillian Reals from going to China for cheap calcs and keeps that money in Brasil to assist its manufacturing infrastructure.

Then again, the higher prices may be the result of profiteering by a few individuals who have been "assured" of closed markets by unscrupulous government officials.

Back in the 1980's I applauded the influx of cheap goods from China into the US, because I could buy more stuff with my money. Now, I see how my earlier purchases of foreign goods helped decimate America's manufacturing capability and that directly affects me as an Electronic Technician. There are now fewer factories for me to work at, and many electronic devices are too cheap to repair economically, both of which mean fewer jobs for me and my co-workers.


Hi all

Maybe we are lucky in Australia.
I've just checked the Harris Technology site at http://www.ht.com.au and the HP49G is available for A$289.00 which is about US$150.00. Given that this is an online site, maybe anyone interested should send them an email.



HP49G is available for A$289.00 which is about

For reference in Australia the RRP for the 49G is AU$302.


I picked up a 'spare' 48GX at our U book store (Trondheim, Norway) for about US$150, incl. a CalcWare PC Link kit.
We don't have high tariffs on calculators, because we don't make them, although we otherwise have a highly advanced (mostly specialized) electronics industry.


I am a big fan of Tandberg Radiofabrik. I still own a TCD-300, working perfectly, from the 70's. The Dolby circuitry is discrete, transistors and FET. Amazing! Norway's Electronics Industry and Technology is known and respected.

I'm a bit confused: is B&O (Bang & Ollufsen) also a Norway brand? If not, forgive-me.

I forgot to mention: there are some tech fields that Brazil has big research & tech enhancements but in Electronics and related matters.



Tandberg is very much alive. As a matter of fact, they have just recently reached their all time high on the stock market. They have a policy of paying their employees bonuses in the form of shares. Many of their 'floor' workers are now millionaires.
B&O is a Danish firm.

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