Here's what I carted to the HCC in Corvallis, thought it was...


time to get the camera out, so include these in the HP office lab posting.

To get throught the border, I drove down from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; I first stopped at the Canadian customs with a large 3 foot long, 2 foot wide and 2 foot deep see through plastic container.

I had a customs officer come to the car and he brought five, declaration cards with 15 lines each. At first he wanted all the serial numbers until I convinced him that there were approximately 35 calculators, an odd number off peripherals and some NOS boxes and etc.

He looked at me, up to the sky which was threatning to rain, and said; "we only need to put down vintage HP calculators and leave it at that!". This was to make my trip home from Corvallis easier.

As I went through US customs he looked at the box, me, the car, my passport, nodded and said; "have a nice stay!.

Well, at Corvallis, which was an incredible, and for my first, conference. What a great bunch of people and the enthusiasm comming from the corporate reps was contagious. Yes, there will be no LED classics remakes but ??????

The papers on various polynomial equations, construction formulae for calculators, keyboard layout talks, well you can see the schedule at Joe Horns HCC2008 site. Suffice to say, these people use their brains.

Emulators/Simulators, door prizes, food, coffee and the the city of Corvallis by the river, what a setting and I can't wait for next year!

Anyway, to the calculator photos. I left out the manuals and NOS boxes, QRG's, overlays, adapters, battery stuff and etc. So here are the photos to add to the "lab". All card readers and HP67's are restored except for the NOS 67 which was on display. I am NOT going to enter that one, besides, I tested the card reader and it worked!


two HP 35 with differing keyboards and restored finish as well as internals. two HP 45's one working and requiring restoration while the other is completed with the quartz timer modification:

the 55 and 65 restorations completed:

the 67's including one NOS and the rest with restored card readers and cases:

the 97 and 91 with restored printers ala 'Katie Wasserman' and card readers:

an HP 41C, HP 41cx and HP 41CX half nut with some accessories:

two HP 71B's, one early version in all metal case and other with the plastic case. Both with HPIL, one with 32K ram module and card rader, math module and soon a 41 translator (fingers crossed):

The voyagers, still looking for a vintage 12C but will substitute the 25th anniversary. The 15C's are restored but the 10C, requires work to the face plate, the 16 and 11 are in great shape

a 32E and 38C

a 48G and 48G+, both flea market find for $10 around 1998

a NOS 32SII and 42S still with the plastic wrap, covers and manuals:

Of course the HP 01 in box with manual was on display as well as 3 others:

of course where would we be without independent battery chargers, I like to use these as it is less stress than the charger in the calculator:

Not shown where the HP41CX hpil printer, plotter and dot matrix printer along with the 9114B card reader.

We will see what I can bring to the Vancouver, Washington meet next year.

Cheers, Geoff in Vancouver, Canada


Folks, Geoff is not exaggerating! I sat right next to him at the HHC2008 and was shown all these items. The collection is fantastic!!!



Good thing you have the original plastic wrap to keep the drool off the 42s and original manual.

Nice collection. Thanks for sharing..




Hi Geoff,

Impressive! Thanks for showing. What's the special keyboard bottom left on the nuts photo? Can't read enough to identify.

Ceterum censeo: HP, launch a 43s.



Before I developed a way to produce a key overlay like this:

I had printed out a mock up of the overlay attached to the module case. It was colour coded as to program type:

yellow keys time based rotuines
pink keys data based routines
pale blue were aircraft based routines
green were HMS functions
purple were extended memory functions
Cheers, Geoff

Edited: 19 Oct 2008, 10:07 a.m.


Great stuff... don't think I've seen as many HP's in my life! Thats a helluva collection.

Well... I'm satisfied with my 34C... although the 67C of course sounds appealing.. as does a 48GX and maybe a 41CV... uh oh...

Ed Austin

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