HP 9100B


Good day to Everyone!

I'm not a collector but I have a fully functional HP 9100B with memory extension and plotter, and many documentations, and magnetic cards (some of them even unpacked) and I think someone else could better use it or take care of it than me, so I would like to sell it. Though I have no idea of prices (I just found some clue on this page) I think it worths 2000$ because of the many additional things I have. I can send photos to anyone who is interested. The little problem is that I live in Hungary, Europe so i don't know how to carry it safely (and I guess who wants to buy would like to check it first as well) so if you know someone who is interested, please contact me.
Best regards,
Tamas Galosi


Why so high priced? Does it work?


Yes, I'd be interested but not at 2K I'm afraid. If you change your mind about price, let me know!



Yes, it works

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