Allschwil's Meeting 2008



All of you should have a mail with the latest informations. If you do not have, you did not sign on correctly or I missed you. Please feel free to contact me again.

Your host
Matthias Wehrli

@ Klaus Sieber: Hatte deine Adresse nicht. Kannst du mich bitte kontaktieren.


Ok, I am trying to find the best way to go Oslo->Matthias. Any sane combination of air/ground will do. Any suggestions? Id like to book my trip latest on monday...


Fly to Zurich? Basel? Or an other nearby major city? And then train or bus? Flying to the Mulhouse airport (in France?) seems to be giving me a 9+ hours trip both ways... puh.

So, Matthias (or anyone), the best alternatives are welcome.


Hi Geir,

As far as I know the Basel airport is called Basel-Mulhousse it's about 2 miles away form Basel which is about 2 miles away from Allschwil, so I think I can hire a cab for the lift.

Direct fight from Madrid is 2 1/2 hours (approx)

I'll stay at Basilisk Hotel in Basel, and will also take some extra time until monday morning for pure turistic (and gastromonic) purposes... :-)

Please Matthias, if my guess on the distances is wrong let me know!!

Also on the gastronomic side of the meeting... I'm willing to share some Spanish Iberic Ham and cured Pork Chine... regrettably I cannot carry the wine as I'm planning to flight with hand luggage only... Will some other attendant will help on this? some aged red wine is preferred.

Best wishes.




I'm willing to share some Spanish Iberic Ham and cured Pork Chine... regrettably I cannot carry the wine as I'm planning to flight with hand luggage only...

I can bring a bottle of good French red wine, and some cheese...


Sounds like a good Mediterranean "assemble"... :-)




I already ordered a plate of cheese in my local store so we will have enough cheese but probably not enough wine ;-)



I'm coming from New York and fly direct to Basel and then take the train, which is quite a doable connection. And swiss trains are quite a delight...




sorry, correction. I am flying to Zurich and then take the train to Basel which is quite easy it would appear. Sorry for the wrong info at first...


Hi Matthias,

I'm somehow concerned about the weather (maybe other also are)... I'll appreciate an abstract of the weather report (rain?, snow?, temperature?) a couple of days before the meeting to set my luggage accordingly (well, I don't have much winter clothes... :-)




Diego, I can bring some winter clothes for you (I have plenty :). What size?


Hi Geir,

Thanks so much for your offer, it won't be needed though, I'll go to Madrid by 27th, and I'll stay with my family until 31st.

I could pick up some winter clothes there, but just in case the weather is really cool in Allschwil by then, otherwise my own clothes may just go fine.

In fact I'm most concerned because I hate carrying extra luggage, and I'd rather preffer just hand luggage in the flight.

In other order of things I've just seen your collection at TV... impressive! Sincerely hope you manage to recover as many of these items... it will take a while though, but that's collecting!

Best wishes.



Basel's airport is in France, and it's called Basle-Mulhouse. From there you will take a but (line 50, a silver bus) directly to Basel city Railway station. For those who come on Friday I can catch you up there.

Basel Airport - to Brausebad (Bus line 50)
Brausebad to Allschwil Ziegelei (Tram line 6)

Check your time at:

Sorry, it's german



Thanks for the information, especially the link.

Sorry, it's german

Don't exaggerate. I can't remember anybody here writing "sorry it's English" when Non-English folks entered an English-speaking country. Can't even imagine an American writing this at all. IMHO, it's always advantageous knowing at least a reasonable bit of the language of the country you are visiting. As a matter of fact, German is spoken in this part of Switzerland.

Edited: 20 Oct 2008, 12:38 p.m.


Hi all,

there will be a special service for Allschwil 08 attendees:

If you have a W&W HP-41CY or CW unit where the OS has been erased due to an empty backup battery,

I offer a free W&W RAMBox OS restoration using my unique CY-INIT module.

If your CY or CW doesn't have a hardware problem, the RAMBox will be in a clean

and working state after the CY-INIT module has been applied.

This offer is only valid on the 01. November 2008, and only to attendees

of the Allschwil meeting who bring their CY (or CW) to the meeting place.
This offer doesn't include battery replacement.

So if you want to take this rare occasion, just replace the coin cell of your CY at home,

put in new main batteries, and carry your CY to Allschwil:-)

Please note that after coin cell replacement, you _must not_ turn on your calc,

since it's very likely to get into a locked state with the CPU running.

So after coin cell replacement, just put in the main battery and

leave the calc off until I can restore it using my CY-INIT module.


During the meeting I offer the new HP-41 I/O-Board & IL2000 interface system manual reprint 2008 with 708 pages (more details about this book for this forum in short time) and the HP-IL/PC interface card...

Best regards - Christoph



Sorry for being kind of late. If there are still free seats, I would like to participate in the Allschwil Meeting 2008.

My interests include RPN and HPGCC programming and vintage calculators. Unfortunately, having come back to HP only lately, I can contribute little to any talks. If there would be really some need, I could try to show 10 mins introduction to HPGCC programming on the HP 50g.



P.S. Living near Allschwil, I will take the street car ;-).

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