MOD file format differences for V41 vs i41cx/Nonpareil



I've successfully created a MOD file from a ROM file using Meindert's really cool MLDL2000 Tool. The MOD file works in V41 yet it does not work in i41CX (I can place it in a slot but it does not show up in CAT 2, even after on-off recycle)

So I am wondering as to what features I should set the MOD file to in the MLDL2000 Tool and if there are any differences between V41 and Nonpareil/i41cx with regards to the structure.

Here is the info on the .ROM file

1) it is linked to page 8 but not created with a fixed address of 8000 in A41

Here are the options for the MOD file in the MLDLTool that I set and that make the mod file work for V41

1) Page - I have set this to page $08 or to $1F
2) Bank - 1 (not setting makes V41 reject the mod file)
3) PageGroup - left at 0. Any other setting makes it not usable for V41
3) BankGroup - set to 0 or 1
4) The Rom # field at the very top of the MLDL2000 Tool is left to 0 as I don't think this is needed/stored in the MOD file anyway.

There are three configurations that I found that work for V41:

Page $08/Bank1/0 Pagegroup/0 Bankgroup
Page $08/Bank1/0 Pagegroup/1 Bankgroup
Page $1F/Bank1/0 Pagegroup/1 Bankgroup
(I have not tried the forth option).
Any setting of Pagegroup makes v41 reject the mod file.

However, none of these work in i41cx unfortunately. I can upload them and put into slot 1, but as mentioned it does not show up in CAT 2.

Thanks for any and all tips/hints...



(To repeat Meindert's instructions here as I understood them, the steps I am taking are:
1) click on the MOD File handler Tab. Click New Modfl
2) Go to ROM Handler tab, click the big Open button and select the .ROM file
3) click back to the MOD File handler Tab, rightclick in the white space and select Rom > append
4) set the Page number to 8 or 1f, Bank to 1, Bankgroup to 1 or 0
5) click Save Edits and then Close Modf then the big SAVE button.)


The code for handling mod files is not quite the same in Nonpareil and i41CX+; because the Nonpareil code wasn't complete at the time, A.L. modified it to be usable. I've since finished the Nonpareil code, but haven't compared it to the i41CX+ code.

If you haven't already tried your mod file in Nonpareil, or if you've tried it and found that it doesn't work, you can email it to me and I'll take a look.



I wish I could try... don't have no linux/unix box, only windows. I know, I know, very uncool... And it seems that the windows link is disabled for the time being on your web-page...

Any work-around?




I created the MOD file utility based on the description of the fields in the V41 sources. I have not really understood the actual usage of all the fields, since these are not relevant to loading them in the MLDL2000. So there may still be some bugs, or inaccuracies in the description of the fields.

Also be aware that I use the custom fields when a module is downloaded from the MLDL2000. Currently V41 does not use these.

Also something that must be improved is that changes are not saved when switching from one OM to the other. The Save Edits button must be clicked before editing the next rom in the MOD file.

I am glad that my tool is being used, please make suggestions for improvements!


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