Forth-41 rearranged to run into CX's machines



First of all, I'm an absolute ignorant about Forth. That's why I've asked a knowledgeable contributor to test this modifications on his Clonix and V41 emulator.

So far the modification (merely rearrange page #5 into page #7) seems to work as expected according to his first test.

What looks most surprising to my mind is that if all the thing was just "pushing" page #5 a little upwards to avoid conflict with TIMER... Why wasn't it done before? May be someone was trying to make it appear as a "huge" M-code project? Or it's just that my ignorance can't see further implications/complications?

In case anyone is interested in perform further test, plase download the .HEX (for Clonix) and .MOD (for V41 or MLDL2000) files.

Your feedback is much appreciated.

Best wishes.


PS. No, I don't have a manual (and most of you probably know why.. ;-))


Many thanks for this. I am trying to track down any sort of documentation. I have 2 leads.

If something does not surface soon, I'll post an article with what I know and do not know.

Thanks again.


Good to know.

It'll be nice to see some info on using this module. I'm pretty sure that the lack of information has stopped many users from start playing and enjoying Forth-41.

Some user's may also been dissapointed by the conflicts with the TIMER functions and CX machines (well... seems that this trouble is over... ;-) let's go "Forth").

A manual (sort of... or user's guide at least) will certainly be more than welcome.

Best wishes.




Thanks for your work on this. I get two files when unzipped. Should the Forth41.rom go into page #7 and the other in #8?
Please advise. Thanks


Hi Jeff,

The two files you'll get once un-zipped are:

1.- CX-Forth.HEX: To load directly into your PIC programmer software (IC-Prog.exe for serial programmer, or microbrn.exe for USB programmer). You can program any Clonix, NoVRAM or NoV-32 module with it and give it a go on a real HP-41CX (or CV)

2.- CX-Forth.MOD: To load into V41 emulator, MLDL2000 or (hopefully) i41CX+ (I haven't tested the later as I don't have an iPhone.)

There are no .ROM files included.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes.



2.- CX-Forth.MOD: To load into V41 emulator, MLDL2000 or (hopefully) i41CX+ (I haven't tested the later as I don't have an iPhone.)

No problem. Extensive testing. i41CX+ 1.2 (released yesterday) has my improved FORTH template as well.



Many thanks for the testing effort!

...has my improved FORTH template as well.

Where can I have one of these?... :-)



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Where can I have one of these?... :-)




Egan, do you have a picture of the full size keyboard overlay for the 41 ? I would like to make my own overlay.
Thanks, Jeff


I do not believe that one ever existed. This is what I based my i41CX+ overlay on:

Edited: 16 Oct 2008, 12:19 p.m.


Diego, When I load the .MOD file into MLDL2000 Manager there are two files.
Outside Page (MC) SV-05 605
Forth 41 SV-06 009

Do both files need to be loaded?
If they do, does the Outside page go into a higher bank # than the Forth 41?
Or do they both have to be in separate pages?


Hi Jeff,

Sorry, I didn't quite understand your previous post.

If you look at the "Module Characteristics" Page 1 of 2 and 2 of 2 respectively, you'll see that the first file is mapped into page #4 and the second one is mapped into page #7.

I must say that I've used the previous configuration utility to load the .ROM images directly into my MLDL2003; and used MLDL2000 manager v1.5 to build the .MOD file which I then tested into V41.

In short: yes, both files must be loaded.

Best regards.



Just as a general remark: when the MOD file editor says 'Outside Page' it just means that it cannot find a name, and that the pointer to the ROM name (first function in ROM) does not point to something sensible inside the 4K page. Typically this means the ROM has no FAT.
Using the ROM revision string is more useful for referencing.


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