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I searched the archives but came up with plenty of posts on how to move from a MOD file to a ROM file (MODutility from TOS) but not the other way around. I have been putting together bits and pieces of MCODE using WF's SDK41 kit which spits out a .ROM file for my rom.

Now I'd love to be able to put this on my iPhone (which needs a mod file). Anyone can help with this? (I don't have access to Linux...)






You could have known better .... ;) you already have the tool!

M2kM does exactly what you need, look at the TAB MOD file handler! I made this because I also could not find any tools to create my own MOD files ....

In the tab MOD file handler, click New MODfl. Then download a ROM from your MLDL2000 (or open a .ROM file). Go back to the MOD tab, right click in the (now empty) MOD list on the left, and choose ROM>MOD (append). All characteristics of the ROM can now be edited to facilitate loading in your emulator.



While testing this myself I found a small bug (not very critical) bug in the MOD handler. After creating a MOD file, the first ROM that is appended from the ROM Handler, will not have its parameters vissible in the ROM list. I have fixed this in the meantime, and this fix will be included in the next release.



you are right, Meindert, I should have known better, silly me. Thanks for pointing me to the obvious place for this!

See you in a couple of weeks :-)



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