O.T. Need repair advice


I bought a number of HP 33S calculators at auction. On receipt they checked O.K. I took 2 off the shelf and one is totally unresponsive and another failed it's keyboard test. I wish to know how I may have them repaired. Any help? Thanks, Sam



Randy of Fixthatcalc states:

"We regret we cannot perform repairs on these models. This is due to the new construction techniques that prevent access for service as well as a lack of parts. Some of these models may still be under their original warranty so you should contact HP directly for assistance."

If he cannot do it, ...


I cannot find what to do from the HP site. I see refurbished 33s all the time, so they must be able to repair them. I do not have the contact information to effect repairs. If anyone knows what exactly to do. Please. Sam


It is a mistake to assume that 'refurbished' = 'repaired'. Today, 'refurbished' very often means 'tested and cleaned, no problem found', or 'can't sell these things at retail price, unload to a liquidator'.


As everything since the Voyager line has been simply exchanged for a new unit when returned for service. If the unit was more than a year old, that exchange was done at about distributor cost for a new unit so HP still made money on the "repair". They did this for five years after the date of manufacture of the unit in question, they have since shortened that to three years.

FWIW, The last HP calculator that was actually "repaired" was the 41 series. Beginning in the early nineties, older fullnuts with battery leaks, display problems or other serious issues just got a halfnut top slapped on the old bottom. When the halfnut service parts ran out, all HP factory calculator service ended in about 1996.


Thanks for your replies. I assumed repairs, sorry. sam

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