42S Programmers Reference


I've got the other 42S manuals but not this one. What was in it? Just wondered what I was missing. Is it available somehow other than by searching eBay and classified adds? Also I've wondered about the "memory viewer" or whatever that is with on-D and <- . Is there any info on what this is and how to use it?


Hewlett Packard has a support policy for calculators for 5 years after production end, and I believe support includes accessories, manuals, etc. The HP-42S was dicontinued in 1995, and should be supported by HP for another year. I have the referenced manual, but have not read it.


Do you mean the "Programming Examples and Techniques"? This is the manual that I have, and the only one referenced in the "Owner's Manual".


This manual is listed on WholesaleAdvantage's web page. I called them, they don't have it. I searched HP's web page, no luck. I called HP calc support, they don't have it and couldn't tell me if it had ever existed. So, I guess it may just be a typo on W.A.'s web page.

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