Updates for i41cxp and 12C Classic for iPhone now available


I know it sounds like I am shilling these things but I REALLY am a happy customer.

i41cxp fixes some bugs in the importing of some modules and now allows user editing of the file lists.

The 12C Classic (the paid app) has fixed the display and touch screen issues and now it works as smoothly as the free version.

Hope this is of interest to someone.



abd, byt the way the Sci-16C, Fin-12C and ???-15c are now also available in the app store...

And now I can finally get the 2.1 upgrade...




Peter, see the other thread I started just below.


Just a general question, as I am not into Apple at all. Will i41cxp also run on the iPOD Touch? If so I will probably add one to my Christmas list ...





I have a first generation 16gig ipod Touch. Works beautifully. Indeed, it seems to be that apart from apps that particularly require the phone functionality, iPhone apps work too with the iPod touch provided you pop the 10 bucks for the 2.1 OS upgrade. Yup, those benevolent granola Apple types have us fanboys coming and going ;)


provided you pop the 10 bucks for the 2.1 OS upgrade

not necessarily, can be done for free, takes a few minutes search on internet ;)
I'm not about the 10 bucks but I don't like Apple's approach.



is there any mcode module with mldl ram available? say cy or hepax or eramco or any mcoding rom and mcoding ram?




I tried HEPAX. It did not work. Since i41CXp is based on Nonpareil we would probably need Eric to add support for it first. The next challenge would be how to get stuff into HEPAX RAM since i41CXp has weak I/O capabilities.

I scanned the archives sometime back and I do not recall if I found an answer, but if you can make a 4K, 8K, or 12K module image of your code, then that should work. E.g. I use 41Z on my iPhone with i41CXp for complex number support. I also use (play with) FORTH. AFAIK, both never existed outside of software unless burned.


I asked Anthony Lagana this and he advised me that there is not support for HEPAX and he doesn't plan it it being there, ever it seems.

I find it is easy to get files in i41cxp provided I set up my Mac as a server temporarily. Someone posted how to do this just a few days ago. I don't know how one does this with a windows or linux machine.




When you say files, does that include MCODE (not a full rom image, but just certain codes?)

Basically I'd like to know if I can have some MLDL-RAM on the i41cx and then do some MCODE programming via DAVID ASSM or ZENROM or something the like... Basically any MLDL-RAM would be fine...

Maybe this is a question for Eric though, not sure...




Or Anthony Lagana himself. He is very personable and responds quickly to queries and seems keen to serve the HP user community in general, not just his customers. Check out the AI Software webpage.

All I know is that when I load HEPAX into i41cxp and do a CAT 2, none of the commands due to HEPAX appear.

Beyond that, you are speaking Sumerian to me :)



i41CXp will allow you to download modules (.MOD) and programs (.RAW). Both formats are the same used by V41. If you can create a .RAW that works under V41, then it should work with i41CXp.


Nonpareil doesn't currently have anything like the MLDL or HEPAX. I'll probably add that in a future release, but I'm still struggling to get a release ready after about two years of (slow) development, so it may be a while.

It's not too hard to put together your own .mod file and load it into i41CX+.


HEPAX will probably easy to support. In my MLDL2000 there is not specific support for HEPAX, and we did get it to run by explicitly loading it in an odd page. This can probably best be done by editing the MOD file and forcing the page number to a fixed (odd) page. This is assuming that Nopareil supports bankswitching, which it should if the 41CX and Advantage ROM work.

If the WROM instruction is not supported in Nonpareil (i.e. MLDL RAM) then HEPAX RAM will not work. Otherwise I expect that all modules with mcode that do not depend on specific hardware should work.



If you can make me a MOD file I will test.



Maybe even simpler than trying to star with the HEPAX, maybe we can try a simple mldl ram as the zenrom as well as the David assm rom are part of the module list.

However, I understood erics post above that the wrom instruction is not implemented (I had actually sent him an email with that exact question and he answered here in the forum for the benefit of all of us I guess)

But I'll definitely also happily volunteer as a beta tester...




Peter, I don't know if this answers your question, but modules that include MCODE like the Advantage Pac and Sandmath-III work perfectly well with i41cxp, especially with a recent fix that clears up some issues with some modules.

I am no wizard when it comes to creating MOD files for use, but I would figure that if are able to create a ROM file for burning to a Clonix or NoVRAM, you probably could readily create a MOD file easily enough using something like modfile.exe load it to the emulator .

This probably doesn't answer your question directly though :)

If you want to see the modules that Anthony Lagana has vetted as usable in i41cxp, go to the main page of TOS and look at the subdirectory <put url of TOS here>/mod. This was set up specifically by WF for Anthony to allow legal redistribution of his modfiles from one central place with a simple URL that the software points to by default when you choose the option "Load Module from URL...." Checking this list may be enlightening?



I don't think the modules in that directory have been particularly "vetted". Many of them will NOT work properly with i41CX+. Some of these are CARD-RDR, HPIL, HPIL-DEV, HPIL-DIAG, IR-PRINT, and WAND. Some functions of those modules might work OK (e.g., 7DSP), but the main functionality of those modules will not work because they are dependent on hardware not simulated in i41CX+.


True. You can load and CAT 2 their function listings, but apart from the HP67 porting functions in CARD-RDR I don't think they would be of much use.

I actually like to use some of the old HP67 programs with the 7xxxx commands, so CARD-RDR is useful. Unfortunately, the version in that directory is the pre-2007 version! The one that packs with V41 and that is downloadable elsewhere from TOS is the one the WF fixed in early 2007 when I noted that loading it V41 made the emulator to hang and act strangely in efforts to enter alpha info. Anthony will have WF correct this.

Anthony told me that he explicitly excluded modules from that list that won't work at all, like HEPAX, or are redundant, like XF/XM, XM and the various 41C memory modules. Maybe not vetted, but a little thought went into what to include and exclude. But I must admit that apart from CARD-RDR those other examples you give have no utility in i41cxp.



Did HEPAX not work at all, or only the functions with HEPAX RAM? There is a trick (same as with the MLDL2000) to map HEPAX in an odd page so it will not try to relocate itself.

The iPOD touch is now definitely on my Christmas list!



Nothing. HEPDIR, HEPROOM, etc... all NONEXISTENT. If you have ideas to address this email the author of i41CXp.

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